Jacqueline Dolan

Jacqueline Dolan

Education , Seminars, and Certifications:

B.S. in Exercise Science


CrossFit Level 1

Perform Better-Learn By Doing Seminar

Diane Fu, Olympic Weightlifting: Leveling Up Seminar

Andrea Ager, AgerBomb Seminar

Critical Athlete, Flexible Dieting Seminar

Nik Curry of FDU, Snatch Seminar

My secret weapon is…Pull-Ups and Hang Cleans. I love the simplicity and mental game of the movement. As long as you dont stop you can go on forever.
I Crossfit because… Its how I relax. Its the one part of my day I clear my head and can focus on just what is in front of me.
I Coach because… I truly believe in CrossFit. It has infinite scales and modifications. From our 72 year old athlete to our 5 year olds, I have witnessed people do incredible things. The text messages that say “I never thought I would do that” is how I sleep well at night.


I have been involved in athletics and fitness since I was 5 years old. Throughout middle school and high school I was a two-sport athlete in softball and volleyball.  In college I decided to become an exercise science major to better people’s lives.

After graduation, I started to look at fitness in a different light — not just for sport performance. I was working at a commercial gym, doing the typical “Gym Routine” (3 sets of 12 repetitions of 6-7 different exercises, one day upper body and the next day lower body, followed by some “cardio” and using that routine 5 days a week.)   I would also join some group fitness classes for what I thought was enough variety.

After college I took my first job at a Franchised Fitness Center and quickly rose to a management position.   Bridget was hired and introduced me to  CrossFit.  I was skeptical about the benefits of this type workout; but the next day I was participating in my first “WOD”(workout of the day).  (The warm-up was more intense than my own workouts and seeing the benefits, I was sold.)   I was new to Olympic and Power Lifting, and only weeks into CrossFit, I was striving for a PR Snatch, Clean and Jerk, Back Squat, etc.  I started teaching my training clients CrossFit workouts, and when they saw their bodies changing for the better, they wanted to learn more CrossFit style programs.

With my strong fitness background and the management skills acquired when I held the position as head of a personal training department, I felt it was time to move on to my own business.  I knew my passion had become CrossFit and thought why not wake up passionate about something each day.

CrossFit changed my life mentally and physically. I became part of a community of incredible people from all different fitness levels, ages, and body types. I want to be able to change others’ lives in the safest and most effective way.  I knew I could do that through CrossFit.