"I was never an athlete in high school or middle school. Just a lazy kid. I started p90x 2 years ago and began exercising everyday. I heard about CrossFit but was too intimidated to try it. Then I met Jacqueline and she told me about trying her new CrossFit gym and was HOOKED. I feel like I'm part of a team here. I feel like an athlete." -Georgie 


"Before joining GPCF I never considered myself an athlete or enjoyed working out. I joined GPCF and fell in love with the support and community. I have never been so excited to workout. Golden Phoenix CrossFit has changed my views on fitness and health, plus the coaches are great!"-Kaitlyn


Just finished my second drop in at Golden Phoenix CrossFit in Kenilworth, NJ. Even better than Day 1. This box is equipped with all of the tools to conduct serious Olympic weightlifting training and classes. Met Jackie on Day 1 and Bridgette on Day 2 - these gals are serious crossfitters who also compete - they know what they are doing and are excellent coaches. Had chance to a watch an Olympic weightlifting training session - exceptionally well done. I served in the military for 28 years - more than half in Special Operations and Airborne units - I know well conceived and executed physical training when I see it - I saw it at Golden Phoenix CrossFit. Plus Jackie and and Bridgette make it fun and really, sincerely care about their crossfitters. When I come back to the area, and I will, Golden Phoenix is the only place box for me.-Howie

"I joined CrossFit a little over a year ago. I have been a member since July 2014 and its the best part of my day." -Dom


"Just try it. Why not? It is no where near as scary as it looks and everyone here had to start somewhere. This is coming from a girl that never joined a gym in her life before now." -Lisa


"You will surprise yourself each and every day. STRONG is the new Skinny. DO IT! You will never regret it"-Gina


"Joining CrossFit was the best decision of my life. You will not regret joining. You will feel stronger after every workout"-Stefanie