Published August 28, 2014

I am not the best CrossFitter, I’m actually pretty average and that’s giving me more credit than deserved. There is one thing I am sure of, I am an excellent COACH. I don’t want to toot my own horn or anything but if there was something I was put on their earth to do, it’s to make a difference in peoples lives.


The thing that amazes me the most is the amount of trust our athletes put in us. With each lift they look to us for approval or a cue. CrossFit gets a bad reputation from the bad coaching styles or lack there of coaching. If your background isn’t in fitness, physical therapy, exercise science, or athletic training please don’t open a box. When you are dealing with barbells and gymnastics plus multiple people in a class it can be a recipe for disaster. That recipe is where CrossFit gets its bad name.


I am upset for people who join boxes where they will not get the coaching they deserve. Coaching is not just for the fittest person in the box who RXes every workout. Remember, your scaled athletes are the ones who keep showing up eager to learn. Coaching needs to be equal amongst every athlete you have, you cannot scale your personality or time. We are not afraid to push our athletes. We are very confident we have taught it so well they will not get hurt.


The best measure of Bridget and I can be seen within our athletes. I invite you to come in and watch, people are always amazed at how well they move and shocked when they realized most members have only been CrossFitting for a max of 8-9 weeks. We hold a standard here, and have no problem “no repping” because if we didn’t we are cheating our members by “letting it slide”.


Coaching takes education, passion, commitment, empathy, loyalty, friendship…I could go on for days. Our number one thing is, If you’re not having fun put the barbell down. I am proud of the community we have built and the athleticism that keeps on impressing us.

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