Blog Post #1

Published August 28, 2014

I have been stirring about a blog post for a couple of days now and felt like the timing was right for the first post of GPCF. 

I wanted to mostly reflect on the whirlwind these past 9 weeks have been. We have far exceeeded the expections of the amount of athletes we thought would have joined by this point. I can accredit this to a bunch of things. 1. Our athletes have fun! Since they have so much fun, they tell everyone they know and we have gotten an overwhelming amount of referrals. That is such a pat on the back for us we are beyond grateful, please keep sharing the fun. 2. Bridget and I dedicate our days to making sure our athletes move well during and after the WOD's. The fact that most of our female members clean above 100 lbs and males above 200 and do it well, in 8-9 weeks, it yet another pat on the back. As coaches our main job is to avoid injury; the constant PR's and shock faces of "did I just do that" is just the cherry on top for us. 

My world and view of CrossFit changed when I decided to E-Mail Andrea Ager out of the blue and ask her to come teach a seminar at our box-"It would make my best friends dream come true" is how I ended the email. Little did I know it was my dream also. After the seminar I was watching Andrea snatch #135, with OUR bar, using OUR chalk, sitting down to rest and coaching me through a clean like it was just friends working out. Then, I HAD A MOMENT. It hit me, all the hard work and time that we had put into the box had come together. So what did I do, I cried-like a baby. So many emotions were running through my body. I looked at Bridget sitting next to me, teared up and said "We did it". Not only did we do it, we f***ing nailed it.

To the multiple people who drop in saying "We wanted to see what all the Hype was about here"

"My friend joined CrossFit and her body transformed"

"I hear you girls know what your doing over here"

All these have made our day more than you will ever imagine. 

Why do I think we are different? Why do I believe there is hype? One word-PROGRAMMING.  We dont follow other strength programs or Met-Cons from the "top boxes", thats not what our "brand new CrossFitters" need. However, our proramming wont miss the veteran CrossFitter. We program the weaknesses in OUR box. Thats the only way our athletes will get better. We keep it fun and not so standard. This is the reason my "athletes move very well", as said from Ager and other well respected coaches. I cant forget to attest our hype to the passion behind us. Its not about opening a box because CrossFit is becoming popular so we should all ride this wave, CrossFit has been around since the 70's. We are passionate about changing peoples lives and are not afraid to coach. We are confident in every movement and standard we set in our box. We are well educated women that stay on top of each new break through and arent afraid to share it with our athletes. You can join any box, but with us you are joining our family

I am fortunate that we have amazing athletes who work hard and get mad when they can't get a movement down, let that anger fuel you. Thank you for letting us push you, we promise to never stop and to always keep you safe. Keep asking us for help, the better you get the prouder we are (keeps us on our toes too). When I left the box we came from I was so upset I texted my coach and said "I can't believe I'm leaving my family", he texted me back saying "You will make your own family now, trust me". He was more than right. Thank you to everyone who is part of this amazing journey, there is no end in sight for us.


Coach Jacqueline 

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