The Problem with CrossFit is

Published December 4, 2014

In Jersey we have coaches meetings that occur monthly and have been super beneficial to us growing our business. We always engage in great conversations and I always feel like I personally walk away with something. Yesterday we spoke about why are people so fearful of CrossFit…


I mean, I remember my first day and the nerves that I had, but that’s with any new uncharted endeavors. Once people have tried their first workout, they sign up and they are hooked-the “kool aid” has been sipped. So the question then came up, how do we get that message out to more people? How do we reach the thousands who joined Globo gyms getting zero results, or the people paying hundreds of dollars for a personal trainer twice a week fro 30 min, to join CrossFit for basically a third of the price and see even better results. To us as box owners it’s a no brainer, but to other people they see a potential risk. To be blunt and honest (naturally for me) you take more of a risk joining a gym at $20/month and having no instruction than joining CrossFit, which you get a program everyday and very detailed instruction on every exercise.


So is it time that needs to just slip by in order for popularity of CrossFit to take over? Or do we need other boxes in the area to stop cheapening our brand… I think it’s both. Here are a couple of problems that everyone see’s but wont admit is happening.

1)   The oversaturation of boxes. One of my athletes made an amazing point to me the other day when I said “There are good coaches and bad coaches out there” and she said “No, there are good coaches and there are phenomenal coaches out there”. She was 100% correct. However what bothers me is these “okay” gyms are taking money out of the hands of really great boxes who are still paying off student debt for their college degree’s for actually majoring in the human body of some sort. The other boxes have injuries in their box which shouldn’t exist as often as it does, which gives CrossFit a bad name. It gives other non-crossfitters an open forum to say “I told you so”.

2)   Cheapening of the brand- Stop giving it away for free- Half Off your first month, 3 months for $80, save 25% then 15% then bring your friend for free etc. I truly believe my services are well worth over $165/month. I had clients paying $300-700 per month to train with me 2-3 days a week. If you cannot rationalize $165 unlimited a month or can’t get people in your door for this similar price, close up shop now before your debt runs too high.  If people aren’t coming to you in droves, take a look at your programming, coaching, and support from other boxes. Not to sound cocky, but the large support from well-established boxes around NJ who compliment our programming, our athlete’s movement, our apparel, and our cueing allows us to sleep better at night.

3)   Shiny Things-You know why our equipment isn’t shiny anymore? Its been used way more than we ever expected it to be only 6 months into this venture. The chalk on the floor is a sign of hard work that day; the sweat angels are welcomed (we clean up the awesomeness after); the blood on your hands from all the pull-ups you did are a trophy (don’t worry we can disinfect it). So don’t be attracted to Shiny new things, it means they aren’t getting used enough. End Point.


We wouldn’t have a problem sharing clients with amazing boxes, that point was well made and understood yesterday. Each box has something different to offer, even if it comes down to coaches personality. Our main focus is to get more people CrossFitting at phenomenal boxes, in order to bring positive attention to CrossFit.

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