Dear Other Boxes,

Published October 23, 2014

It’s the time of the day, even as a box owner, I look forward to most-The WOD. But it’s more than just another workout. For me it’s the time of the day I focus, find clarity,  and don’t have to think. It’s my social hour. It’s my chance to blow off steam, de-stress. It’s a chance to goof around and be silly. Why would I be any different than anyone else?


This is my message to other boxes out there. The members are the heart and soul of this growing community. As CrossFit grows and boxes mature the “competitors” of that box get the most attention and the “Average” fall to the wayside. CrossFit, at the end of the day, has the same general meaning for everyone. No matter the skill, age, or gender everyone wants to get better in some way. I know this because my goals board at the box tells me so. So who is to say a first Double Under is not as important as a 325 Clean and Jerk PR?


This Beast we call CrossFit teaches us a lot about who we are. There are highs and lows, and as much as it is uplifting, it’s just as equally humbling. So as box owners we need to do just that-stay humble. I have an easy time putting myself in someone else shoes, remembering my first rope climb, my first 100lbs clean, etc. The pictures and video we post just to get that positive feedback from social media makes you feel like a king that day. Go back to those moments, and relive them. Your so called “average” athletes are just as hungry for a PR as the competitor in the room, so feed that.  


Our athletes walk in for their hour of sanity and freedom each day. Their constant renewal of membership says so. Its our duty as box owners to make each experience just as good as the last, because you never know what extraordinary thing they may do that day. The box becomes a second home for people. It’s a place where people see each other at their worst yet its probably the most comfortable they have felt all day. I am proud of the box we have built and the community that has grown to be family. This is affirmed when everyone enters hugging and high fiving as they walk through the garage door.


As a coach and owner I encourage you to stay humble and have fun. There is a reason there are no mirrors in CrossFit. Your athlete is the best reflection of you as a coach. Be the mirror- cue, correct, and stay consistent.


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