Published October 10, 2014

A simple question prompted this blog post. Our new member was taking his third class ever and asked me very perplexed, “So how do people get hurt doing this (CrossFit)?” I laughed and joked back with him and said “The Internet is a cruel thing right?” It got me thinking, people are so afraid of CrossFit, yet do obstacle runs for 8 hours, marathons for 3-6 hours, triathlons, etc. No one questions those people about Rhabdo or injuries. It because those people are glamourized and held on a pedestal and get the “Wow great job”, “What an effort”, “Can’t believe you finished the whole thing!” Meanwhile CrossFit gets all the criticism all over the Internet, but never the podium shots, the high fives, the sweaty hugs at the end, or the cheering on for the last person to finish.

So how I answered his question was simple. I truly believe people get hurt because they don’t know how to fail. Failing teaches us everything we need to become stronger, it creates better body awareness, and teaches us how to be humble.

CrossFit Kids is such a great program because it teaches children how to fail in front of other kids and not be discouraged because others are still encouraging them to keep going; all the while school districts are giving ribbons and trophies to EVERY child for “participating”. I could go off on a tangent here but I’ll save you the pages and pages of reading.

Failure builds character. Failure keeps egos in check. Without failure we would be such narcissistic people. So when I shout in class “SLAM BARS” not only is it a celebration, but its how I was taught on my very first day of CrossFit to fail. Slamming the bar allows people to see its ok to drop the equipment (except the 10’s, ha!). We can replace a barbell, bumper plates, kettle bells, anything in that box! I cannot replace you. So when something doesn’t feel right-drop the bar. It’s that simple.

My roommate who has just started and “drank the CrossFit Kool Aid” is shocked that we demonstrate every movement before performing it. To think, that is what kept her from coming all these months! So allow me to use this blog post as a Public Service Announcement. When you walk into a class I promise you people look and move just like you. Boxes aren’t filled with Rich Fronning’s and Camile’s. Everyone who comes to the box is looking to have fun, get a great workout and go about their day, Just Like You.

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