Published September 10, 2014



We have hit the 4-month mark of being opened and I hope one day I look back and find this blog post amusing, but for now I will keep it honest. I want to start off by saying if you have a passion for something and there is a market for it, do it. Although the time has been short it has been the most rewarding 4 months of my life. Although money makes the world go round, at the end of the day money only solves money problems.


Sometimes it hits me when I’m coaching...

-Wow these people move well

-Wow they have lost a significant amount of inches

-Remembering when they could only lift 65 lbs, and the yells across the box for me to witness the PR happening, it hits me at times. These accomplishments….I was a piece of it in some way. It’s that one cue that gets them that 10-pound PR, or the pull-up.  


The journey has taught me a lot about what family means. Most of my hours in a day are spent at the box. Most of my meals, showers, social life, doggy time, and mother-daughter time actually happen here. The athletes that come 4,5,6 days a week have become my family. I see them more than anyone, so thank you for being my life source. When you come here, please feel at home, because we are proud of this home we built.


I am more than content with the choices we have made. At a recent coaches meeting the question was asked, “What else does your box offer in terms of programming?”. Everyone went around naming all the different programs they offer, which may work for them and that’s great. We did not open a gym, but we opened a Box. We offer CrossFit because we specialize in CrossFit. I will never forget what my former boss said to me, “Do one thing and do it well”. That was the main reason I left my former globo gym position.  If you want to be good at CrossFit, do just that. If you want to be good at Olympic lifting than focus on cleans & jerks and snatches. So in order for my business to succeed we will focus on the thing we are most passionate about, CrossFit. When you throw other programs into the mix everything becomes diluted. When I see all these other programs being offered there’s a couple of things which run through my mind.

  1. This place has a specialty already and they are trying to “Ride the CrossFit wave” so they figure, let me just pay the affiliate fee and see how it goes
  2. They opened a CrossFit, shouldn’t have, and now need to do whatever it takes to pay their bills.
  3. Believe that people are afraid of CrossFit, offer different programs to get them in the door and hope for the best.

If you are worried about peoples fears and judgments it will come across in your ownership and leader abilities. Be confident in your brand.


I have been able to meet a lot of coaches/owners and workout at different boxes. These experiences have taught me a ton, from how people program to how they store their barbells- its always fun to learn something new or gain an experience from other peoples stories. Experience is key. I know coaches with certifications coming out of their ears who cant coach a deadlift, and I know coaches with just the necessary certifications who are captivating and the most knowledgeable people I’ve met. The sad part is people who are choosing boxes will read these bios and think they these coaches are more “Experienced”. I could go on for days about the money people can throw at certifications, this is such a huge debate in fitness, but I very well believe The Cream Rises to the Top.


- J

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