July's AOTM: Jasmine & Sean

Published July 5, 2015



I didn't exercise at all before doing crossfit 

I try to attend at least 4-5 WODs per week 
Favorite CF exercise is Clean & Jerks
Least favorite CF exercise is Ring Dips 
I would tell a newbie not to worry about getting certain movements right off the bat, something's may come easy to you and some may not, but, you just have to practice and you'll get it. Also, I would tell them not to beat yourself up because you had one bad day, you can come in the next day and do better than you did the day before, if you come in with a positive attitude. And to have fun during the WOD and not to zone out, staring at the barbell like I do! Lol 
I would like to accomplish handstand push-ups, pull-ups & toes to bars 





What was your exercise regime before CrossFit?

i would go five days a week and focus on a specific body part on each day. 

How many WODs per week do you attend?

Now up to 5-6 WODs a week, during graduate school I was attending half of that.

Favorite CrossFit exercise?

Handstand push ups  

Least favorite exercise?

I actually have grown to like them all, I know what you are thinking come on, really? But it is true, at one point in time I would have said it was burpees, but improving on the exercise has caused me to actually look forward to doing them when written into a program. I like least  the ones where I need Improvement, only because well I don't like to lose pace in a WOD because I struggle stringing my kip or thrusters and so forth. However, nothing beats the feeling when you learn to master a particular movement. 


What would you tell a newbie getting started that helped you?

Don't doubt yourself for a moment, keep moving and take it day by day

What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 months?

Improving my Kip and rope climb



What is a fun fact about you?

I am very involved in politics and social policy. This year I had the opportunity  to work with the state and was able to work on policy that improves NJ mental health and addiction services for disadvantaged populations.  I also am obsessed with the movie JAWS.


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