Decembers AOTM Jesse

Published December 3, 2014

When we told the members that Jesse was going to be our Athlete of the Month, everyone nodded and agreed- "That kid works hard", "Hes come a long way", "Oh hes perfect, good choice", were just some of the wonderful things said about him.  Jesse comes in and gives each workout his absolute all. He smart enoug to know his limits and has amazing body awareness. At just 16 years old he has made huge gains in every lift, and gymnastics-hes our first taught muscle up king! As coaches, we cannot wait to watch him grow into an even more amazing CrossFitter, each day he is surprising us with something new he can do. He's a man of few words, but is the first to cheer you on and high five you when the workout is done. We are happy to have Jesse part of our family, hes an inspiration. 


What was your exercise regime before CrossFit? I used to go to retro for a little but not too often or work out at the school weight room


How many WODs per week do you attend? I try to attend 4-5 WODS per week 


Favorite CrossFit exercise? My favorite Crossfit exercise is pull ups 


Least favorite exercise? Wall Balls


What would you tell a newbie getting started that helped you? The workouts are tough but at the end it's a great feeling when you finish.


What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 months? I would like to string muscle ups together and have better technique on my snatches and cleans


What is a fun fact about you? a fun fact about me is I play on two baseball teams, my high school baseball team and travel baseball team.


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