November's AOTM-Kelly Byrne!

Published November 7, 2014


Kelly came to us after just recently starting CrossFit at ECC with Miguel and Ryan. So as you can imagine after getting the courage to even join CF, now she had to enter a whole new world with people she didnt know. We hope we can speak on behalf of her and say that the transition has been amazing and WE are lucky to have Kelly. Nurse Kelly is the most compassionate and easy to love person we have come across. Her Box Nickname is Cautious Kelly, just because she likes to ensure things are safe: "Will this band snap?", "Is this box stable enough?", "Will this rig hold me?", "Is my neck going to support my body?", "Are you sure I can push-up on that?". Kel-we are sure! She has put a ton of trust in all the coaches and has done amazing things in just one month, handstands, Double Unders, and Squat PR's, just to name a FEW. The momenet Kelly walks into the box her smile lights up the room and it makes you happy and grateful to coach her. Thanks for reminding us what its all about Kelly, keep trying new things and surprising yourself.
What was your exercise regime before CrossFit?


I had joined a gym and would go maybe... 2 to 3 times a week but not every week. Consisted of Cardio 20 min on eliptical and occasional weight training on machines. 
How many WOD's per week do you attend? 
3 my goal is 4 
Favorite CrossFit exercise? 
Rowing :) and kettle-belle swings
Least favorite exercise? 
BURPEES! and after Thursday's workout ... I want to add MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS! LOL
What would you tell a newbie getting started that helped you?  
TRY TRY And TRY AGAIN! DONT BE AFRAID to try something new. ...step out of your comfort zone and just TRY ! 
It took my good friend and neighbor (Amy) 2 years to get me to join crossfit :)... I thought "I cant do that ... I am too big out of shape... its too hard"  I had every excuse at least every excuse in MY HEAD because I was so scared of doing something different....but all that changed :) 
for a new person... there is gonna be some bad days... you feel slow .. you feel tired...and you think  "can I do this? ... Yes you can! " but there is also really really amazing amazing days... that you didnt realize what you had inside of you :) its an absolutely amazing feeling ... all you have to do is try once ... next thing you know you are trying all sorts of crazy stuff :) 
What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 months?
1. loose more weight tone and tighten more
3. increase my knowledge of crossfit and increase frequency from steady 3 times a week to steady 4
What is a fun fact about you?
fun fact?... hmmmm...I have my massage therapy certification :)  

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