Aug 14 AOTM-Christine & Marek

Published September 9, 2014

Christine Lech
Coach J met Christine while they trained at Crunch. Her reservations about CrossFit were normal. I remember telling Christine to just "Trust Me, I would never lead you wrong". After her first workout she wanted to throw in the towel but I reminded her how awesome this was going to be for her. Now Christine has one of the best squat form in the gym and is eager to keep learning new things. She recently crossed of Rope Climbs off her goals board and continues to amaze us with new PR's pretty often! Christine always welcomes new people with a smile and tells them how much fun they are going to have, after they feel like they are "dying", which is Christine's go to word during WOD's. Watching her kick ass each day is uplifting and inspirational. Keep it up Chris, we are super proud of everything you have done in a short amount of time.
1. I started out at Crunch Fitness. I personal trained with Jackie once a week and worked out the other 4-5 days a week with Laura
2. I usually do 5-6 WODS per week
3. My favorite CrossFit exercise would have to be back squats 
4. My least favorite is over head lunges
5. My advice to newbies would be, Don't be afraid to ask questions or stay after class for help. The girls are great and more then willing to assist you.
6. Goals- I would like to be able to do a strict pull up and be able to rope climb during a WOD. Become stronger in over head squats and lunges.
5. Fun Fact- I'm a bit of a thrill seeker.  I will trying anything adventurous  at least once.
Marek Kaczynski
Robot Marek, thats the nickname Marek has recieved. Anything you show Marek he does it perfectly and with ease, like a robot. His first wod ever consisted of 150 wall balls (right?) and I am pretty sure he thought of never coming back. Put a barbell in his hands and he will make it look lighter than a feather. As time went on his competitive and funny side came out. Rock climbing was a huge help in his body awareness, the kid can toe to bar and kip like hes been doing it for years. Marek, we enjoy your perfect movements and perfectly groomed hair. We are happy you are apart of our family, now go get those Double Unders :)
What was your exercise regime before CrossFit?
I never really had a set exercise regime. I would sporadically go to the gym with a friend and do whatever they did. I also rock climbed.

How many WOD's per week do you attend?
4 or 5 WODs a week

Favorite CrossFit exercise? Thrusters/Power Snatch

Least favorite exercise? Wall balls

What would you tell a newbie getting started that helped you?
I think the first time crossfitting is always the worst time crossfitting. It only gets better from there. Don't be afraid, it'll be fun!

What would you like to accomplish in the next 3 months?
I'd like to improve on my overhead squats and get my muscle ups/double unders. I want to see what I'm capable of and surprise myself as much as possible.

What is a fun fact about you?
"You have the most beautiful girlfriend in all the land" - Julia (aka most beautiful girlfriend in all the land.)

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